Memphis Botanic Garden Daffodil Dash & Daffodil Hill

Memphis, Tennessee

For the Daffodil Dash, check the webpage listed below or call the Memphis Botanic Garden. For blooms, late February - early March is typical but check with the Botanic Garden to see if they are blooming early or peaking later.


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Daffodil Hill was originally planted in 1973 as the Charlotte Sawyer Daffodil Trail. With the later addition of "Nana's Garden," this area provides one of the most spectacular displays at the Garden. Early each spring, over 300,000 bright yellow, orange, and white blooms bring the hill alive with color. While many types of Dutch bulbs do not perennialize well in our hot Southern climate, daffodils will persist for generations with very little care. Since the bulbs are toxic, they are typically left alone by voles and other mammals.

The Memphis Botanic Garden Daffodil Dash 3-Miler & Family Fun Run is an annual event. "Run through the Garden in full bloom," says the Memphis Botanic Garden. Check with the Memphis Botanic Garden website or call them to see if the Daffodil Dash is happening this year.

Last Updated: February 19, 2018