Daffodil Drive Festival

Junction City, Oregon


The Daffodil Drive Festival website provides a history lesson for the year 2000 when the Daffodil Drive became the Daffodil Drive Festival:

"For 28 years, residents on Ferguson Road in Junction City have planted daffodils in long golden rows along the roadside, their numbers increasing with each passing year. For almost as many years, the third Sunday in March, visitors from Springfield to Monroe and Harrisburg have celebrated spring by taking the "Daffodil Drive" along the eight-mile stretch and stopping by Long Tom Grange where the members served homemade cinnamon rolls with coffee and punch, decorated the Grange Hall with flowers and hand-made quilts, and raffled off a daffodil quilt.

But this year was different. In a burst of enthusiasm, typical of our community, the Grange members decided to turn the traditional "drive" into a two-day event and expand it to include local painters, potters, and fiber artists - as well as demonstrations and displays of llamas, alpacas, and antique cars. A few things didn't change, though... They still had homemade the rolls and coffee... And the quilt raffle... And, of course, the daffodils!"



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The annual Daffodil Drive Festival is sponsored by Long Tom Grange, Junction City, Oregon. See Facebook page for up-to-date information.


"Cinnamon Rolls and the Junction City Daffodil Festival", written by food blogger One Perfect Bite and posted on March 19, 2009.

Last Updated: February 18, 2018