Daffodil Flats - Linville Gorge

Linville Gorge Wilderness, North Carolina

February - March (Nature's Timetable and could be earlier or later)


Daffodil Flats are in the Linville Gorge Wilderness (also known as "The Grand Canyon of North Carolina") located within the Pisgah National Forest in western North Carolina.

Important: Trails that lead to Daffodil Flats are for advanced hikers, not backpackers.




Note: This information is from 2009. It may be "out-of-date" but might provide details to help you find more up-to-date information on the web.

The website link on this page is to the Linville Gorge website with a link to the Linville Gorge Yahoo group. The Linville Gorge website is the definitive source for information about the wilderness area.

See the Linville Gorge website for information you will need to explore the Linville Gorge Wilderness and Daffodil Flats, including published and unpublished trails. When you go to linvillegorge.net, you can search for Daffodil Flats in the Waypoint GPXfile and obtain the waypoints for the daffodils. You can look on the Linville Data drop down menu for other resources, for example the Interactive Waypoint Map. Using the Linville Data tools, you should be able to informatively plan your hikes. Using the Forums, you will be able to ask questions, and offer your own contributions, as well.

Last Updated: February 18, 2018