Daffodil Line at Nichols Arboretum

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Approximately April - May (Nature's timetable). Check with the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens for more specific information each year.


In addition to the dramatic Daffodil Line at the Nichols Arboretum, there is a daffodils field lining the driveway leading to the entrance of the nearby Matthaei Botanical Gardens. The Nichols Arboretum/Matthaei Botanical Garden website will feature both of these attractions as they start to flower.

The information below is from the 2008 season:
The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Nichols Arboretum website has this to say about the stunning 20,000-strong daffodil line: "Daffodils continue to make their yearly appearance in this art installation from 2004. Susan Skarsgard, a graduate student, imagined a half-mile long line of daffodils marching up and down the Arb's hillsides. Scores of volunteers planted 10,000 bulbs in the fall of 2003 to make this project a reality."

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Click here for a video and a statement by the artist. According to the artist, there's no attempt to change or alter the naturalization of the daffodils, so each year the number and nature of flowers blooming changes.

Last Updated: February 18, 2018