Jonquil Jubilee

Gibsland, Louisiana


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From the Jonquil Jubilee website:

Each year, thousands of bulbs are planted in downtown Gibsland, in personal yards, and along ditch banks on private and public roads in the Gibsland - Mt.Lebanon – Oak Grove area, the area which comprises the driving tours. Cost of the bulbs and labor for planting is paid by Jonquil Jubilee. Homeowners have invested in improving their property by planting hundreds of bulbs. Finding the variety that does best in our climate is always a fun challenge.

To state that Gibsland and surrounding areas are proud of their daffodils understates the thrill which the community feels each late winter with the blooming of the bulbs. On every corner, and in every gathering, there is always the talk of the daffodils “Are yours coming up yet? Do you think the weather is hurting the blooms? How many did you plant? Did your Ice Follies (etc.) come up again?” Everyone is happy; everyone is concerned; everyone delights in the beauty that is ours in GIBSLAND. DAFFODIL CAPITAL OF LOUISIANA.

Last Updated: February 17, 2018