Downtown Daffodil Celebration (Atlanta)

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


From the Facebook event page for 2015. Check with Atlanta Downtown to see if this is planned for the current year.

We are hosting a month-long celebration in March that will usher in spring with a spectacular display of blooms and activities. Visit for a list of activities and promotions.

The Downtown Daffodil Celebration is in support of the Downtown Daffodil Project, a beautification project that aims to create a "ribbon of consciousness" from the Center for Civil and Human Rights to the King Center in recognition of the children that died during the Holocaust and those that continue to experience human rights violations today. This spring, the over 110,000 daffodils will be in full bloom throughout Downtown Atlanta.


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Will this be celebrated this year? Call the Atlanta Downtown office to find out.

Last Updated: February 17, 2018