Bradner Flower and Garden Show

Abbotsford, British Columbia


Event information can be found on the Facebook event page shown below. Note that you do not need to have an account on Facebook to see this page. Simply click on the link. The "Facebook event" link is the best one for information, as of this writing.


One year, the website invited everyone to the upcoming daffodil extravaganza by shouting to the rooftops about last year's event: "Gee willikers Aunt Bea we did it again. Another one of the world famous, no holds barred, super stupendous, action packed, amazing Bradner Flower and Garden Extravaganzas has just occurred, and is already in the history books. If you missed it don't worry too much because I have it from a reliable source that another one is just around the corner. Next April to be more precise."

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From the event organizers in 2009: "The scenic and historical village of Bradner, nestled comfortably in the Fraser Valley, is once again inviting all comers to help us enjoy the natural splendor of spring. Due to the seeming popularity of past shows, it was decided that we would once again host the now world famous plantasmagorical, horticultural wonderment of natures splendiforous springtime event, the blossoming of colour, creation, and rebirth from a season of winter sleep, The Bradner BC Flower and Garden Extravaganza."

Last Updated: January 1, 2018