Paradise: Daffodils Across the Ridge

Paradise, California


Weather dependent for exact dates in February - March. Check dates by going to the website listed below. You can also contact the organizers by email or phone listed at the Contact page on their website.


From the Daffodils Across the Ridge website: "Daffodils Across the Ridge is a community beautification project sponsored by the Paradise Garden Club, Inc. of Paradise California. The Paradise Garden Club is fulfilling their vision of seeing Daffodils Across the Ridge. Every spring the community will be awash with gold, not gold from our historical mines, but gold from daffodils spread across our ridge."

"The 'Daffodils Across the Ridge' project has received recognition by the Northern California Daffodil Society, which has listed Paradise as a scenic location, while the American Daffodil Society has placed Paradise on the National Registry of places to view daffodils. We have planted over 120,000 bulbs since 2008, many of which have naturalized into two, three, or four times that quantity."


Last Updated: February 17, 2018