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Daffodils in Living Color in Skagit Valley, Washington

Skagit Daffodils, originally uploaded by roswellsgirl.

Here is a lovely image by photographer roswellsgirl, taken of the Skagit Valley daffodils in bloom on March 6, 2010.

See “First Daffodils” in Skagit Valley in this photo by roswellsgirl posted in January .

Here is information about the Daffodil Festival in Washington State, from our website Daffodil Festivals Fields and Gardens 2010.

One lone daffodil — to this, in Skagit Valley, Washington

_MG_3070, originally uploaded by roseannadana.

In our second of the two-part series, we post this February 27, 2010 image. Photographer roseannadana tells us: The area the fields were taken in has a zip code of 98273 for Mount Vernon, Washington. The fields are located on Best Road near Christianson’s Nursery. I was attending a workshop at LaConner Flats and left early so I could take pictures of the fields.

It was a beautiful grey rainy day and the lighting on the yellow fields was gorgeous! I shot it with my Canon Rebel XTi at 1/125; f5.6 and ISO 200 with my 17-55 wide angle lens. This was taken at 4:01p.m.

The surrounding area is a hub for tourists and the Tulip Festival follows here in a little over 2 weeks. Tourists come from all over the world to the area of La Conner, Anacortes and Mt. Vernon to see the Daffodils and primarily the Tulips of Skagit County, WA.

“Everything” here bloomed early – Spring came very early. We could still get a freeze here in March.

Click here for our Daffodil Festivals website page on Skagit Valley.

Additional note: Photographer roseannadana has announced a new website gallery for her photographs. Click here for the website.

The Real First Daffodil in Skagit Valley, Washington (one month ago)

_MG_2348, originally uploaded by roseannadana.

We love this photo. It makes a great first of two series with our next post by the same photographer, roseannadana. This image was taken on Februrary 14, 2010, and roseannadana tells us: This lone daffodil I captured in Mount Vernon, Skagit County, Washington. The harvesters had arrived to top the daffodils, I expect to use as cut flowers. It was the first daffodil I saw in bloom in the fields in our area.

Click here for our Daffodil Festivals website page on Skagit Valley.

Additional note: Photographer roseannadana has announced a new website gallery for her photographs. Click here for the website.

Pike Place Daffodils in Seattle, Washington

IMG_8505, originally uploaded by adaenn.

Photographer adaenn tells us about this image of a Seattle daffodils landmark: “The photo was taken here in Seattle on Feb 21 this year. We are having an early spring, and daffodils were opening as early as the beginning of February. The daffodils in the picture are adorning Pike Place Market, the Seattle landmark, outdoor produce, flower, meat/fish and imported goods.”

Daffodil Harvest in the Skagit Valley

Daffodil Harvest, originally uploaded by hawgwildterry.

Photographer hawgwildterry tells us about this February 16, 2010 image: The photo was taken in what is known as the Skagit Valley which is located in Skagit County, Washington. The location of the valley is west of the town of Mt. Vernon.

This area is a large daffodil and tulip growing area and features a yearly Tulip Festival which I will provide a link to for this year.

The location of this shot was 17949 Beaver Marsh Road, Mt. Vernon WA 98273. If you have Microsoft Streets and Trips or any other mapping program you see the location. Better yet, if you have Google Earth you can see the satellite photo of the area and see the valley and all the farms.

For more information on the photo you can click on the link located on the right side of the photo page ‘Additional Information’ and then the ‘More Properties’ link.

Addendum on February 22, 2010: Wife and I went up again yesterday and the daffodils are really starting to show their color. Irises are getting close and the tulips are about 6″ out of the ground. We still have a chance of a March cold snap and snow. Could get interesting around the valley if that happens.

More harvesting photos are posted on hawkwildterry’s photostream.

You can see our Skagit Valley listing on here.

Pierce Transit’s Daffodil Bus in Federal Way, Washington

Pierce Transit’s Daffodil bus, originally uploaded by Atomic Taco.

Photographer Atomic Taco explains this February 7, 2010 image: The image was taken in Federal Way, Washington at the Federal Way Transit Center. The bus belongs to Pierce Transit of Pierce County, Washington. Per Busdude, the coach itself is all white, and has been wrapped in different livery.

Click here for a larger image.

The Daffodil Festival shown on the bus takes place during March and April. Here is information about the Daffodil Festival.

First Daffodils in Washington, D.C.

Photographer xoxoxoe tells us about this wintry February 1, 2010 photograph: It was taken outside the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in Washington DC after our first big snowstorm. We just had a February blizzard, so I haven’t had a chance to get back since the storm and see how they’re faring.

We’ll watch for the daffodils once the snow melts in D.C.

For more snow photos and commentary, here is xoxoxoe’s witty blog.

First Daffodils in Skagit Valley, Washington

DailyShoot #ds61 Daffodils, originally uploaded by roswellsgirl.

Photographer roswellsgirl tells us about this January 15, 2010 photo: The photo was taken in Mount Vernon, Wa. This is a large bulb growing area. We have a Tulip Festival in April. Washington Bulb is the biggest bulb producer in our area. Here are other photos I’ve taken of Daffodils in our area.

Here is information about the Daffodil Festival in Washington State. This information is on our daffodil festivals, fields, and gardens resource website,