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On the edge of Spring in Bournemouth, UK

On the edge, of Spring., originally uploaded by Sirius Guy.

Location: Bournemouth, UK
Date: April 1, 2013
Copyright and comment: Guy Wood
Guy’s Facebook page:

This photo was taken on the 1st of April, on St Catherine’s Hill, Bournemouth, UK. A friend and I where walking two dogs and I had my camera with me. My friend shouted for my attention and holding back his dogs allowed me to take this Photo! While not the very first daffodils I have seen this year, they where the first that where not accompanied with snow. The day Spring had finally arrived!

Wild Daffodil Glade in Devon, UK

Wild Daffodil Glade, originally uploaded by Shufflewing.

Location: Devon, UK
Date: March 29, 2013
Copyright and comment: Jane Skelton

The photo was taken by myself on Good Friday of this year (March 29th) at one of my favourite haunts – Dunsford Wood – a river valley woodland which is owned by the National Trust and managed by Devon Wildlife Trust. The reserve is also part of the Teign Valley SSSI and is home to the rare High Brown Fritillary butterfly and the Wood Cricket. It’s just a few miles away from where I live, and my partner and I walk there regularly but this was the first time that we had seen this amazing wild daffodil display (and I’ve lived in this part of Devon 30+ years!). We found hundreds of thousands of them pushing up through last years dead bracken and smaller and much more dainty than the garden variety (the Latin name is Narcissus Pseudonarcissus). I opted for a wide angle shot and tried to capture them in their setting rather than focusing in close on a few flowerheads. Also it was a freezing cold day with fast moving cloud – one minute bright sunshine the next totally grey – so I was lucky to capture the bright blue sky in this shot.

Bluebells next month!

Primrose Beauty in West Cornwall, UK

Primrose Beauty, originally uploaded by Tim’sSeaGlimpses.

Location: West Cornwall, UK
Date: April 9, 2013
Copyright and comment: Tim’sSeaGlimpses

We bought a few bulbs of ‘Primrose Beauty’ from Fentongollen ( last autumn, so this is our first season of growing the variety.

As their catalogue says, they have multi-headed double flowers – late flowering – with beautiful primrose petals. I would describe this as a narcissus, but it does not really matter whether it is listed as a narcissus or daffodil.

Other – similar – varieties, also late-flowering, are ‘Cheerfulness’, ‘Yellow Cheerfulness’ and ‘Sir Winston Churchill’.

Ramparts and Daffodils in Canterbury, UK

Ramparts, originally uploaded by Fluffymuppet.

Location: Canterbury, UK
Date: March 30, 2013
Copyright and comment: Emma Cooper

The photo was taken on 30th March 2013, with my iPhone because that’s all I had with me at the time. It was taken in Canterbury (UK), from the old Roman city walls. I have been studying in Canterbury since September, but this was my first chance to walk along the walls, and I just thought the daffodils looked lovely through the gap – especially as we’re having a very cold spring here in the UK and there’s not many flowers around yet.

Editor’s note: Read here about the Canterbury city walls, quite a stunning history lesson:

February Sunset and Daffodils in Kensington Gardens

Photographer yorkshire stacked tells us: “The photo was taken in the later afternoon on 10Feb2012. I live near Kensington Gardens in London and often go there for a photo walk with my beloved Nikon DSLR. On that day, I went there to take photos of leftover snow in the park and the sunset. As soon as I went into the park, I realised there were first daffodils so I decided to include them in the photo too.”

Daffodil Copse in South East Cornwall

Daffodil copse, originally uploaded by nickshepherd.

Photographer nickshepherd tells us about this March 23, 2011 image: Daffodils are regularly grown in South east Cornwall and I had watched this field begin to come to life a few weeks before I took the shot. Although the scale and colour of the daffodils is overwhelming, it does not always translate into a good photograph unless some form of focal point is available. Prior to taking the shot, I walked around the field and found some trees sitting on the horizon. With the ingredients in place, I took the shot the next day early in the morning when the light was softer. One thing that is “lost” in the shot was the wonderful scent from this particular species of daffodil…it was almost intoxicating!

Photographer’s website:

Pedersen and Daffodils in Hyde Park London

IMG_0362, originally uploaded by JamesDavid2007.

Photographer JamesDavid2007 tells us about this March 18, 2011 image: The photo was taken in Hyde Park in London, in the evening after a day of rain, when the sun was slipping down through the area of sky between the clouds and the horizon. The daffodils in central London are ahead of those in the suburbs and those in Hyde Park were looking particularly splendid in the evening sun.

The photo was taken with the camera on a monopod held high above my head, on a ten second timer, pointing in the direction of the bike and hoping the framing came out OK.

The bike is a Pedersen, designed about 120 years ago by a Dane, Mikael Pedersen.