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Duffy Daffs II in The Hague

Duffy Daffs II, originally uploaded by Hugo Baptista.

Location: The Hague, South Holland, the Netherlands
Date: May 2, 2013
Copyright and comment: Hugo Baptista

It has been two months since I last went out at night to paint with light. A “lighter’s block” I called it. Maybe it was fear of not ever feeling the same buzz as in the beginning or that I was failing in repetition. Silly fear, because there is never a buzz or a photo alike. I must never forget how therapeutic it is to light-paint in nature. This spring started cold and dry like the winter preceding it so it took awhile before the beautiful Daffs of Clingendael in The Hague blossomed. The park is covered in thousands of them mostly on the sides of water canals running through it.

Editor’s note: Here is a photo from the same spot in 2012:
– and here is the wikipedia entry on light painting:

First Daffodils in Kralingen / Rotterdam

From Rotterdam, the Netherlands, photographer zzapback tells us: “I took this shot Monday morning January 16, 2012 at the border of ‘het Kralingse bos’ (woods of Kralingen, Kralingen is the name of the local neighborhood). It was pretty cold (around freeze point), the daffodils stood about 1 ft above the ground, kind of frosty. There was one daffodil with its head up, the rest left everything hanging. 🙂

Moonlit Daffodils in Voorburg, The Netherlands (uncorrected)

Photographer Hugo Baptista has made available the original of the Moonlit Daffodils photo taken on March 22, 2011. It’s a dream team of “before” and “after” photos.

Here’s the information about the photo: Taken in Park ‘t Loo, Voorburg, The Netherlands. ISO 160 – 293 sec. – f22.

First Daffodils in Amsterdam

15 januari., originally uploaded by ~irene~.

Photographer ~irene~ writes to us about this January 15, 2010 photo: The picture is taken in Amsterdam on the Valeriusplein (square) in the old south part of the city, near the Vondelpark. It’s a beautiful neighbourhood. I made this picture on my lunchbreak. I make a daily picture for my Flickr page and suddenly my eyes caught the tips of these daffodils in the snow. There’s been heavy snow for weeks now and they made me feel all optimistic and happy.

Duck and Daffodils in Leiden, The Netherlands

Duck, originally uploaded by ashzhish.

Photographer ashzhish tells us about this bright-eyed April 2, 2009 image: I took the photo along the Witte Singel in Leiden, the Netherlands. I was charmed both by the luxurious carpet of daffodils lining the singel amd by the ducks wandering through them. After a long cold winter, the flowers – among the first harbingers of spring – were a warm and welcome sight.

Early Daffodils in Middelburg, The Netherlands

Daffodils, originally uploaded by Dingeman..

Photographer Dingeman. tells us about this February 12, 2009 photo: It’s taken in my city Middelburg, an old city in The Netherlands, that was famous in the golden age, because of the VOC [Dutch East India Company]. The daffodils are growing between two roads, one gos into the city and the other one goes out of the city, I took this picture when I was waiting the red traffic light, on my way to home after work.

City Daffodils in Amsterdam

City Daffodils, originally uploaded by selyfriday.

Photographer selyfriday tells us about this February 12, 2009 photo: The picture was taken last Thursday in Amsterdam on the SpiegelGracht. Check the map flickr map option for an exact location.

The Daffy’s are in window planters on the front of this house by their windows. Just below out of shot is a bench you can sit in and watch the boats go by. The house is a very very old dutch canal house…