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New York City Beauties

daffodil, originally uploaded by LegallySarah.

Location: New York City
Date: April 7, 2013
Copyright and comment: LegallySarah

I was feeling a little blue last weekend and decided to go on a walk in NYC, where I live. I found myself in Madison Square Park, just as the sun hit the perfect angle to shower the whole area with light. The daffodils were everywhere and it was hard to pick a place to stop and try to take pictures! I loved that when I knelt down to take the picture, it felt like I was miles away in a field somewhere.

Times Square Daffodil in New York City

Time Square Flower, originally uploaded by TruppPhoto.

Photographer TruppPhoto tells us about this March 21, 2010 image: I snapped this picture of a bed of daffodils in the center of Time Square in New York City. The flowers almost seem out of place when surrounded by all the lights and activity of this area, but these daffodils are definitely holding their own.

This image was taken with my brand new 35mm lens at f/4.8. These flowers were the perfect test subjects.