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Minute Man and Daffodils in Lexington, Massachusetts

Minute Man Statue, originally uploaded by Massjayhawk.

Location: Lexington Battle Green, Lexington, Massachusetts
Date: April 13, 2013
Copyright and comment: Massjayhawk

We have lived in Massachusetts for 18 years and have never been to Lexington, Massachusetts. I decided to take my kids to experience it for Patriot’s Day weekend 2013. While there I snapped this photo of the Minute Man Statue on the Lexington Battle Green. After that we saw a number of Minute Men re-enactors perform on the Green.

Editor’s note: Here is a wikipedia entry on the Minute Men. With half of the readers of our First Daffodils page living in the UK, it’s very nice to be sharing daffodils and friendship, and not war as we did 300 years ago.

Spring Comes to Mount Holyoke College Greenhouse in South Hadley, Massachusetts

3.9, originally uploaded by shouting hallelujah.

Photographer shouting hallelujah tells us about this March 9, 2010 image: It’s from last week, at the Mount Holyoke College greenhouse bulb show. This is my first New England spring (I hail from Florida), so I’m reveling in the blooming things ­čÖé

Her flickr comment adds more: Went with Round the World Women to the Mount Holyoke College greenhouses. Inside our favorite one, it was like Easter. Amazing.

Field of Daffodils at Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston, Massachusetts

Field of daffodils, originally uploaded by my_southborough.

Photographer my_southborough tells us about this Massachusetts meadow: The photo was taken on April 18 at Tower Hill Botanic Garden ( in the town of Boylston – a lovely spot in Central Massachusetts. I don’t know what kind of daffodils they are.

I have a few other daffodil shots: All except the ones by the stone wall were taken at Tower Hill on 4/18. The ones by the stone wall were taken in Southborough, MA.

Nothing Stops Nature in Westfield, MA

sproing, originally uploaded by Lizzie~Belle.

We LOVE this photo showing nature’s determination – what a powerful thrust to go through the leaf instead of pushing it aside – amazing!

Photographer LizzieBelle tells us about this March 11, 2009 image: The photo was taken in a public garden called Grandmothers’ Garden, in Westfield Massachusetts.

Here are links to LizzieBelle’s blogs, Musings from the Otherworld (photoblog) and Not The Daily Planet, chronicling her explorations of Western Massachusetts and the Interwebs.

Daffodils and Friends at Smith College Botanical Gardens

, originally uploaded by funky delight.

Nice to see daffodils in Massachusetts, even if indoors!

Photographer funky delight tells us about this March 14, 2009 image, part of her Spring Magic set of photos: I took these in Northampton, MA at Smith College Botanical Gardens Bulb Show.

link here:

Unfortunately I can’t add anything more about the daffodils themselves, but the website may have some info. You should also check out my friend’s stream from the same show of a few good daff shots: