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First Daffodils along the Irish Seacoast

Daffodils!, originally uploaded by sam2cents.

Photographer sam2cents tells us about this January 22, 2010 image: The daffodils were planted deliberately a few years ago, but I think they’re the standard Narcissus. They look as ordinary as they come when they flower.

The image was taken in the back garden of the family home, in Newcastle, Co. Wicklow, on the coastal plain on the east of Ireland, south of Dublin, running along the Irish Sea. They are located beneath a small, bushy hazel tree. They must have burst through a few days ago, but I can’t say with any certainty when.

Note from the Editor: Sam has created a website to showcase and celebrate Wicklow, “The Garden of Ireland”.  He maintains as a resource for travelers.

Cap of Snow in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Daffodil 4, originally uploaded by Callum J Cairns.

Photographer Callum J. Cairns tells us about this January 10, 2010 snowy image: It was taken in Belfast, Northern Ireland at the very end of my parents’ garden. It stands alone currently, sheltering underneath a rather skeletal looking shrub and is emerging above leaf litter. As we had recently had heavy snowfall, (well, for us!) the snow was lying beautifully, with maybe just the beginnings of melt.

Daffodils and Seagull in Dublin

SEAGULL AND SPRING DAFFODILS, originally uploaded by ashkani.

Photographer ashkani tells us about this March 6, 2009 image: Well, daffodils are one of the first flower bulbs to come up in the early Spring, as you know. In Ireland, since 1988 The Irish Cancer Society has a major fundraiser where people purchase daffodil packs, and the money goes for care of cancer patients. You see daffodils everywhere, even out in wild cow fields–anyway, I was walking in Merrion Square Park in the heart of Dublin, when I came upon the seagull just walking around…and I waited until he posed by the blooming daffs.

First of Many in County Westmeath, Ireland

The first of many, originally uploaded by seikinsou.

Photographer seikinsou writes to us about this dramatic landscape photographed on February 28, 2009: The photo is taken in a private garden in County Westmeath, Ireland. The owners planted hundreds of daffodil bulbs many years ago, and these bulbs have multiplied and taken over the edges of several meadows.

In this, they were continuing the tradition of previous owners, who had planted the first daffodils there, decades earlier.

We’ve learned that seikinsou writes a blog about the daffodil in haiku poetry.

Here’s a haiku about the above-featured photograph (written by Isabelle Prondzynski):

daffodil —
the very first
of thousands

Anyone can contribute a daffodils haiku to the blog or to seikinsou’s photos – give it a try!  We’re going to write one (or thousands).

First Daffodils in Blarney, Ireland

Daffodils!, originally uploaded by tempichanges.

Photographer tempichanges tell us about this February 8, 2009 photo: I took this photo at Blarney Castle in Blarney, Ireland. They were the first I had seen pop up here in Ireland, but since I’ve taken a few photos here around Galway of the blooms that are coming out. It was quite a beautiful morning, if I can recall correctly, the sun had just come out after a good long rain, so the yellow of the blooms was even more vibrant.