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Daffodils and Horses at UC Davis

Daffodils and horses, originally uploaded by Sam Schmidt.

Photographer Sam Schmidt tells us about this February 18, 2010 photo: I took a walk south of the UC Davis campus, and not far from the Mondavi Center and teaching vineyard when I saw a field with a bunch of daffodils and rosemary bushes (Robert Mondavi gave a ton of money to UC Davis for a food and wine program before he died, the vineyard is just now coming in, and you can see the vine supports in the background of some of the pictures.). The horses in the background are there because this field is located between the Mondavi center and the Equestrian center just south of the campus. While I took these pictures yesterday (the 18th), I’ve seen daffodils in bloom for at least the last two weeks around town. I wanted to make sure to shoot this field of them before they started to wilt.

You can see more daffodil photos from the same period of time in Sam Schmidt’s Early Spring set.