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Muffins and Daffs in Falmouth, Cornwall, England

Muffins and Daffs, originally uploaded by Squidge:).

We do not include indoor compositions very often, but this delicious photo caught our eye, er stomach. We love the yellow of the corn muffins, foretelling the yellow of the daffodils still to bloom.

Photographer Squidge:) tells us about this image, taken on March 11, 2010: The photo was taken in my kitchen in Falmouth, Cornwall, England. It was my day off and I’d spent the day doing some shopping and lots of cooking including the sweetcorn muffins that are also in the shot. Daffodils are late coming in England this year because it’s been so cold but luckily for me Cornwall is warmer than the rest of the country so our daffs are out now ­čÖé

On the flickr page, Squidge:) says: Couldn’t resist buying some daffodils today… it’s been so sunny this week, feels like spring is here at last!