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Magnolia Trees & Daffodils at Kew Gardens in London

Photographer Laura Nolte tells us about this March 23, 2011 image: The daffodils at Kew are in full bloom now, there’s a stunning carpet on the Broad Walk; but not just there, they’re growing everywhere around the gardens. The area around the magnolia trees is my favourite part of the gardens at the moment–the colours of the cream and pink magnolias and the yellow daffodils look so pretty together. It’s a very lovely spot.

Painshill Park Daffodils in Surrey, England

Gardening writer and photographer Alan Buckingham tells us about this March 21, 2011 image: It’s a shot of an area of woodland carpeted with naturalized daffodils (cultivar unknown). The wood is part of Painshill Park in Surrey, England, an estate created in the eighteenth century by Charles Hamilton. Following his Grand Tour of Europe in 1725-7, Hamilton deliberately set about acquiring land and creating a “landscape” of ornamental pleasure grounds, lakes, open parkland, an Alpine valley, a grotto, and a vineyard. His ambition was to recreate his experiences in his own backyard, so to speak. The Park is full of artfully placed follies, included a Gothic temple and tower, a ruined abbey, a Temple of Bacchus, and a Turkish warrior chief’s tent.

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Pedersen and Daffodils in Hyde Park London

IMG_0362, originally uploaded by JamesDavid2007.

Photographer JamesDavid2007 tells us about this March 18, 2011 image: The photo was taken in Hyde Park in London, in the evening after a day of rain, when the sun was slipping down through the area of sky between the clouds and the horizon. The daffodils in central London are ahead of those in the suburbs and those in Hyde Park were looking particularly splendid in the evening sun.

The photo was taken with the camera on a monopod held high above my head, on a ten second timer, pointing in the direction of the bike and hoping the framing came out OK.

The bike is a Pedersen, designed about 120 years ago by a Dane, Mikael Pedersen.

City Daffodils in London

The City – Empty, originally uploaded by SamKirk9.

Photographer SamKirk9 tells us about this March 20, 2011 image: The picture was taken in the Square Mile, City of London. I was on a photography tour and just liked the double yellow lines curving slightly on an empty city street. It was a Sunday and usually this street would be very busy with city workers. The daffodils just added something and brought the two yellows together. I usually take nature pics so this one was a bit of a departure from my usual style.

O2 Daffodils in Greenwich, London

2652 More daffodils, originally uploaded by andy linden.

Photographer Andy Linden tells us about this March 16, 2011 image: The photo was taken in the same place as the photos in your previous blogs from 2008 and 2009. It was taken in Greenwich, London, next to the O2 indoor arena, which is the largest indoor concert venue in the UK and will be used as one of the venues for the 2012 Olympic Games. The trees and daffodils were planted when the O2 was built in 1999, as part of an overhaul of the land around it. This winter was harsh in London, so the daffodils are out late this year, as opposed to 2008, when they came out in February.