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Cathedral Rock Daffodils in Sedona, Arizona

Cathedral Rock Daffodils, originally uploaded by sedonakin.

Photographer Sedonakin tells us about this March 10, 2011 image: The challenge from First Daffodils: get a shot with daffodils and Sedona’s geologic wonders in it. The problem: daffodils are on the ground and the red rocks are up high! So, just for you daffodil fans all over the world, I crawled on my belly up to the daffodil grove and got what I could. In the background is the profile of my vintage birdbath that is topped by a statue of a girl holding a basket; it is very heavy and I couldn’t move it out of the way. The branch is attached to a huge tree and equally immovable. This is a very strange shot! I have posted many shots of Sedona’s Cathedral Rock in my photostream if you’d like to see how it looks in focus. Thanks for visiting, and Happy Spring, everybody!

Daffodil Grove in Sedona, Arizona

Daffodil Grove, originally uploaded by sedonakin.

Photographer Julie Lake tells us about this southwestern image taken on January 30, 2011: This handsomely garbed little Junco is pecking around for seeds that have been recklessly tossed down from the bird feeders. In spite of his efforts, I will likely have a sunflower grove here after the daffodils are spent, all the better to bring in the birds! I just love how his tidy little cape matches the Sedona soil so perfectly.