Wild Daffodil Glade in Devon, UK

Wild Daffodil Glade, originally uploaded by Shufflewing.

Location: Devon, UK
Date: March 29, 2013
Copyright and comment: Jane Skelton

The photo was taken by myself on Good Friday of this year (March 29th) at one of my favourite haunts – Dunsford Wood – a river valley woodland which is owned by the National Trust and managed by Devon Wildlife Trust. The reserve is also part of the Teign Valley SSSI and is home to the rare High Brown Fritillary butterfly and the Wood Cricket. It’s just a few miles away from where I live, and my partner and I walk there regularly but this was the first time that we had seen this amazing wild daffodil display (and I’ve lived in this part of Devon 30+ years!). We found hundreds of thousands of them pushing up through last years dead bracken and smaller and much more dainty than the garden variety (the Latin name is Narcissus Pseudonarcissus). I opted for a wide angle shot and tried to capture them in their setting rather than focusing in close on a few flowerheads. Also it was a freezing cold day with fast moving cloud – one minute bright sunshine the next totally grey – so I was lucky to capture the bright blue sky in this shot.

Bluebells next month!

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