Misty Spring Beauty in Delaware

Misty Spring Beauty, originally uploaded by Entropic Remnants.

Location: Centreville, Delaware
Date: April 11, 2013
Copyright and comment: John Griggs

The photo was taken about 6:30 AM on April 11th of this year.

This is a very tastefully landscaped field that is part of a much larger estate near Centrerville, Delaware, USA. Centreville is primarily known as being a home for many of the famous DuPont’s of gunpowder and chemical fame and related families. This scene is immediately adjacent to the road and no trespass was involved in obtaining this photo.

I like to take the 1/2 hour plus ride to my workplace on secondary roads as much as possible and I’ve been passing this scene in various seasons for about 15 years now virtually every workday. Somehow I never stopped to photograph it, and shame on me.

But on this morning, with the soft light of early morning and a light fog on the ground, it was transformed enough to catch my eye as I drove past.

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