Farm Pond with Daffodils–Webb’s Chapel Road: Crisp, Edgecombe County, NC

Photographer EdgecombePlanter tells us about this March 16, 2011 photo: It is on a rural road in southern Edgecombe County (which is in northeastern North Carolina. The road is Webb’s Chapel Road. It is a small pond right beside the road that the Macclesfield Volunteer Fire Department uses for their fire truck tanks. Evidently, the fire department members must have planted all of these bulbs, which really caught my eye today. I had really never seen this place before, and I was born and raised in this county only about 7 miles away. It is quite a pretty place! I don’t know much about the variety of daffodil this may be, but it is a pretty common one around here and is often used for naturalizing and spreading.

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