A Sure Sign in Willamette Valley, Oregon

A Sure Sign , originally uploaded by Nick Boren Photography.

Photographer Nick Boren Photography tells us about this March 6, 2010 image: The image was taken near Brownsville Oregon in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Western Oregon. These daffodils that you see in this image are the very first ones to show themselves in the valley and they were growing wild in a farmers field by that old oak tree you see off in the distance.

I have other daffodil images that were captured previously, if you want to have a look at them. They are in my landscape set.

Note from the editor: Here are four pre-2010 daffodil photos from Nick’s landscape set on flickr:

Click here for “Spring”, click here for “They Dot the Landscape”, click here for “Willamette Valley Spring Landscape”, and click here for “Too Late”.

Click here for Nick Boren photography website.

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