Daffodils at Laurel Ridge in Connecticut

daffodil arcs, originally uploaded by psyberartist.

Photographer psyberartist has posted a series of beautiful images from early spring at Laurel Ridge (April 17, 2009), and tells us: They were all taken at the same place: There’s a farm called “Laurel Ridge” in Northfield, CT, where there are acres of fields/hills covered in daffodils. The site is locally famous; between end of March and early May, people park along the side of the (rural) road and walk among the daffodils. The hills end at a lake or pond that has a small island in the middle; island also is full of daffodils.

If you google “Laurel Ridge” and daffodils, you can get more info about the place. It’s in Northwestern CT.

Here is the Laurel Ridge page on daffodilfestivals.com.

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